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ADA topics
ADA Access Guidelines for Buildings & Facilities
National Access Consultants

Fire code, fire-resistive & hazmat
MSDS online
Hazardous materials database
Central Sprinklers
Fire Extinguishers info.
National refrigerants

California related
California Law- Search
Board of Engineers
Bldg. Stds. Commission
California- State web site
Fresno County
Monterey County
State Fire Marshal Interps.
Legislative Information
Energy forms- nonresidential
Energy forms- residential
Electronic documents- City of L.A.

Specifier Tools
Specification Tools (pdf)

Specification Tools (dwg)
Structural resources
Amer. Plywood Assoc.
Gravity load paths
Hardy Frame
Shearwall basics
Simpson Strongtie
Structural Engineers Association of California
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

Checklists, ES , NES reports
ICBO- ES reports
NES reports

Construction, codes & valuation links
Construction weblinks

Building valuation data

Dictionary of Units

Electrical resources
NEC Direct

US Government
First Gov. Site

Discussions & code applications
Building code discussions group (BCDG)