Trackers’ patented system uses color coating to categorize nails by their structural characteristics. Currently, a fastener’s properties can not be identified once it has been applied. The use of our color coating system provides great benefits to all levels of the building industry. The Tracker’s system is a quick, accurate and reliable way of insuring the correct fastener is being used.

Our goal is to raise standards, insure quality, save time, and reduce lawsuits. In this rapidly changing construction environment, a system of standardization is needed to ensure that the proper nail is used in the proper application. Architects and engineers go to tremendous lengths to design structures that will provide a safe shelter that will withstand the forces of nature. However, even though the tradesman installs what is called for, and the inspector checks for accuracy, “true verification” falls short unless the fasteners are removed and inspected. 

This system is intended to bring peace of mind to the architect/engineer, builder and homeowner, while making it easier for the tradesman and inspectors to positively identify that the correct size nail or fastener has been used. This color coating system will add efficiency to the building process and reduce structural connection error.

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